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Originally built in 1929, the restored historic Lovett Barn is now home to a trattoria that caters to homemade Italian cuisine.

The warmth of the Italian kitchen and casual dining replaces a structure that previously housed dozens of dairy stall (la stalla), where cows were fed and sheltered. Many artifacts remain as quiet testimony to the once flourished farm operation.

The barn, as a main structure to the farm, evokes a sense of tradition and closeness to the land and the people it serves. LA STALLA family style dining continues this tradition in harmony with the community.

LA STALLA is a name befitting the heritage of this proud old barn. Its charm, appointments, and period artwork depicting the enjoyment of eating pasta make magic of this rustic setting that is often found in the Tuscan Italian countryside. The meal is the center of Italian culture—prepared and served family style, a large choice of delicious dishes allows all to share in the selections; creating fun and the warmth of dining in the manner of the Italian table.

Begin your meal with a visit to the Tuscan antipasto table with its delectable beautiful assortment of fresh antipasto of the day.

Enjoy a special dining experience at the chefs table in our intimate Wine Room  where your meal is decided by the chefs.  The grape is a joyful and festive symbol of the celebration of friends, food, and wine.

Let our chefs introduce you to a private evening of joy and sumptuous culinary delights. Join the LA STALLA family and share in our chefs pride in the fulfillment of their Nonnas’ urging “try this, you’ll like it.”

La Stalla has transformed a building that was once used for storing grains, hay and housing livestock, into a family restaurant of hospitality and relaxation.  The Bocce Courtyard overlooks the remains of an old feeding trough where the herd received grain transported from the silo in an overhead rail to the trough.  

The essence of Italian dining is to savor the elegance and simple flavors of home cooked food with family and friends.

We hope you enjoy your LA STALLA dining experience.

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